User Research

We search for insights.

Recognizing the Future

Do you want to develop true innovations? YOUSE analyzes your market and the quality of touch points to find promising starting points for new solutions. More effective than quantitative market research. With many benefits:

  • Development of innovations, with the current customer needs at the forefront (Customer Centricity)
  • Reduced development costs, as fewer resources are invested in non-marketable developments
  • Higher sales and increased user acceptance through better UX and Customer Experience

What do we investigate?

A few examples:

  • Future potential in service design in healthcare
  • The buying behavior of both young and older people in the area of healthy nutrition
  • The future of robotics and smart living products from the perspective of users, buyers, operators and family members
  • Opportunities to increase efficiency in work environments
  • The use and requirements of touch points in banking and insurance
  • The ethical, legal, and social implications of innovations (“ELSI”)

How we conduct research...

Ideas for new products can come from many sources. One of the best sources are product users and customers themselves. They know best what desires and requirements they have for what they buy. To understand these users, YOUSE uses a variety of methods: shadowing, interviews, diary studies, forum analyses, and more. We summarize the collected data for you, in the form of user personas (prototypical description of the target group).

Our references We’ve worked for and with these companies and institutions