Tests Carried Out

You want to develop for market, not just for the bookshelf? We help ensure that your products and services reach a high level of acceptance – right away and in all target groups. This reduces your development costs and ensures true innovation, because your products will be tested on user experience anyway – at the latest on the market.

What do we test?

A few examples:

  • User testing of complex interfaces, both digital and analog
  • Acceptance testing (e.g. technology acceptance, adjustment, and fears) with conjoint analysis in order to recognize which product features your prototype actually successfully utilizes (e.g. in the field of assistive technologies, including ELSI – ethical, legal, and social implications)
  • Evaluation of marketing and promotional materials in the field of home and mobile emergency calls
  • User experience investigations in all of customer travel (e.g. for insurance)
  • Long-term testing of products and services (e.g. groceries, services and software)
  • Usability-check with our experts (e.g. websites, software, manuals)

How we test ...

With academic backgrounds in the fields of ergonomics, design, psychology, and marketing, we put together tests that bring you relevant results. With qualitative and quantitative methods (“Mixed–Methods Approach) we develop very specific instructions for optimization. Using these methods, we have made a name for ourselves, and are now part of the jury of the UX Design Award at the IFA.

Our references We’ve worked for and with these companies and institutions