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Concepts & Ideas

We assist you in providing relevant solutions for your customers! In order to do that, we don’t begin with technical requirements, but with the wishes or needs of the user. YOUSE conceives interfaces, products, and services – always from the perspective of future users. Our innovations will delight your audience.
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What we develop?

A few examples:

  • Definition of holistic service ideas for bank customers
  • Understanding of the overall behavior of social robots for seniors (with excellent UX)
  • Interface design and implementation together with our partners (for example for mobile apps and mobility support)
  • Business models in the healthcare industry, including for doctors, nurses, operators and insurance companies – based on Business Modell Canvas
  • Marketing concepts for innovative, local and healthy foods

How we work...

YOUSE designs completely new prototypes using methods from the fields of Lean StartUp and Design Thinking. We work together with the target groups to find what their concerns are. We do not ask, we try. That way, we achieve a high reliability and validity.

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